Why Travel With Us

#1 Expert and Local Advice

We all know that the best travel advice likely comes from locals who know all the intricate details of the locations, the safaris and the accommodation, and our experts have extremely well-informed opinions on all things that have to do with Africa.

“Been there, done that!” perfectly applies to our team of experts, we’ve been to every lodge, hotel, destination, we’ve tried the experiences a hundred times, we know the ins and outs of all of the experiences we have, and we will be offering nothing but a reflection of our expertise and knowledge that directly matches your needs and wants.

Our team of experts are specialized in creating the most personalized, tailor-made plans for you based on your personality, your wants, your budget and your goals. We take into consideration everything you tell us, no automated messages, no automated fill-in forms, we are with you on every step of this journey to guarantee a seamless, rewarding experience.

#2 No Booking Fees

You are not charged a booking fee and we happily provide you with our expert consulting services and guide you with our knowledge and our local tips so you can have an exceptional trip. All our consulting services that will, later on, help us tailor a trip that is made just for you, completely tailored to your needs will be free, so we can guarantee the utmost level of satisfaction.

#3 Best Price Guarantee

We work hard every day to find the highest quality with the lowest price possible, and our experts spend their time constantly keeping an eye on price updates, discounts, and everything else that is price related so we can offer you advice, help you spend your money wisely and never compromise the quality of any of our tours. You will never end up paying more than you should, and if you find a quote for a safari that is cheaper than ours, we will be making a side-by-side analysis to ensure that the one you got has the same dates, tours, accommodation…etc and if it does end up being identical, we will beat the price!

#4 Full Service, Flights & Transfers Included

The hassle of planning a trip doesn’t end at just deciding where you want to go and the budgeting but also booking flights, transportations and cars can be a pain. African Safari Group will book your flights for you, will provide you with car rental services, and multiple accommodation options as well. This will guarantee a hassle-free trip with everything planned before you even arrive.

#5 24/7 Support

Our service does not just end after you’re done booking and paying. We will be with you through every step in the trip, offering 24/7 support from our local experts. You can call at any time, and we will be there, with our undivided attention just for you, to guarantee a safe, problem-free trip.

#6 Financial Protection

In the case of something going wrong with your accommodation, your transport, or any of the activities you booked, we offer complete and full financial protection that automatically comes with your travel package. Anything that goes wrong will be fully covered by us, so you don’t even have to worry about things not going the way you expected them to do, African Safari Group has supplier default insurance and will never let you deal with any inconveniences on your own.