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By using our services, you agree to the following terms and conditions between TOP TEN SAFARIS (PTY) LTD 2015/168525/07 trading as AFRICAN SAFARI GROUP and yourself:


The information contained on this site is an invitation to do business and not an offer. If you forward an offer to us, African Safari Group shall indicate their acceptance thereof by return mail. African Safari Group acts herein as an agent for our respective business partners and therefore any agreement resulting from the acceptance of an order is deemed to be an agreement between the relevant business partner and yourself.

Booking Terms and Conditions

Please ensure that the details pertaining to your booking are correct. We will accept no responsibility unless the booking provided upon arrival differs from what is shown above.
All prices quoted in ZAR (South African Rands). We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance which gives you full cancellation cover.
All cancellations and amendments must be in writing.
Should a refund be due in terms of the CPA, funds are refunded less bank charges.
It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that they have the correct travel documents and meet all the visa and health requirements for their trip booked. If unsure of any requirements the passenger should contact the consulate concerned.

Payment Policy

i) We require a 30% deposit, which is payable within 48 hours of booking, except scheduled air travel, which requires 100% payment upon booking;
ii) Except for scheduled air travel, which requires 100% payment upon booking, while charter flights only require a 30% deposit;
iii) The final balance is due 8 weeks (60 days) prior to travel;
iv) 100% payment is required for bookings made less than 8 weeks (60 days) prior to travel;
v) Greater deposits may be required in instances of specialist product and/or peak season travel.
vi) Should any discount be applied, the discount is realized upon the full and final payment.
vii) Please note that if a payment is not received on time or in the correct amount we reserve the right to release your reservation, regardless of any payment(s) already received. We will use best efforts to contact you prior to taking this course of action and will remind you of payments due.
viii) Any change which results in the cost of the revised reservation is less than the original cost will be regarded as a partial cancellation.
ix) Specifically, the rules below will apply to the cancelled portion of the booking.
x) Between confirmation and 61 days prior to arrival – Deposit non-refundable.
xi) Between 60 days and arrival date – 100% cancellation fee.
xii) 100% of the total cost for any non-arrival.

Travel Insurance

As part of your travel package, African Safari Group has secured supplier default insurance. This cover is not meant to replace the comprehensive travel insurance recommended above. Instead, it provides financial protection (up to a maximum sum) in the event that a third party supplier (as declared and accepted by the insurance providers) is unable to provide its services or products due to its own financial failure and that the losses incurred by you, as a result, cannot be recovered by any other means.


Please note that anyone travelling to Southern Africa must have two consecutive blank pages in their passport which lie side by side when the passport is open (i.e. a left and a right-hand page). Passengers travelling to Southern Africa with passports which do not comply with these requirements will either be stopped from boarding the aircraft or risk deportation on arrival in Southern Africa.


Visitors to South Africa must obtain a visa from one of the South African diplomatic missions unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries, in which case they get what is called a “Port of Entry Visa”. Visitors who require a visa must apply in person and provide biometric data.
All visitors must hold a passport valid for 1 month after departure and with one blank page (two if a visa is required).

Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Ghana, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Iran, Lebanon, the State of Palestine, Belarus, Georgia and Cuba will be able to visit South Africa visa-free. An e-visa pilot programme will begin in New Zealand by April 2019. Furthermore, nationals of São Tomé and Príncipe, Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic, Tunisia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia will also be able to travel visa-free to South Africa for short stays, after visa waiver agreements are finalized.


As a response to the growing issue of child trafficking, South Africa has announced new regulations for families traveling into or out of the country with children, which will apply.
Non-South African Citizens traveling to SA will still be required to submit an original birth certificate and, as necessary, parental consent or certified copies during the visa application process.
For visa-exempt countries a strong advisory has been issued, with travelers advised having proof of relationship and consent from the absent parent/s or guardian/s, in case they are asked to provide such on arrival. It has been recommended by the US Embassy that US citizens (and other visa-free travelers) should carry an authorization letter that is notarized. You may not be asked for this but in the meantime, it seems like the best possible insurance against complications at the border.

When a child is traveling alone to South Africa the child must carry a letter from the person that will be receiving them in South Africa, containing the person’s address and contact details, as well as a copy of the host’s identity document or passport (in this case it is probable that no birth certificate will be required).
Please check with your embassy.


African Safari Group will keep all personal information you give us as strictly confidential and no personal information will be made available to third parties unless obliged to do so by law or legal process.
When you forward personal information including your name, e-mail address, mailing address and credit card details to us, African Safari Group will use a secure server to encrypt such information before it is received by us. Once we receive it, we will protect such information from unauthorised access and use.
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Furthermore, our users may configure their browsers to not accept our cookies. African Safari Group may send e-mail messages to our customers with news and special offers and users may, by return mail, indicate whether they would prefer not to receive any such mail in future.

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SSL is sophisticated security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. SSL is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites in the protection of their online transactions with their customers.


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