What’s in it for you?

• A handsome remuneration package including basic salary and high commission structure.

• Huge weekly and monthly cash incentive bonuses and many extras we will share when we meet you.

• Flexible working hours topped off with fast-paced but vibey, friendly and supportive staff.

• Be part of the fastest-growing Safari Company in Africa

Why do you need to consider becoming part of our team?

We really care about the individual. Our staff’s overall happiness – and therefore loyalty – determines our success moving forward. Money is a bonus, yes, but we are firstly passionate about our people, our clients and our growth – in that order.

With flexible working hours and team-driven decision-making processes we are a happy, hard-working and an upbeat team of professionals. We focus on transparency, honesty, accountability, leadership and clear communication. Our top goals are to create 1000 jobs, and to impact 10,000 people’s lives in Cape Town.


African Safari Group Team



African Safari Group is supporting the Bokke on this beautiful FriYay!

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