East Africa’s Kenya, Tanzania & Rwanda

This two weeks once in a lifetime vacation promises you some of the best game viewing opportunities in East Africa.

Tour duration: 14 days

Destinations visit: Lake Manyara, Masai Mara, Kigali, Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, Serengeti, Nairobi

East Africa’s Rwanda, Tanzania & Private Island

This twelve day adventure features a safari featuring the thrilling gorilla trekking specialty of Rwanda, the great wildebeest migration and the safari in Serengeti & island R&R off Zanzibar.

Tour duration: 14 days

Destinations visit: Tanzania, Rwanda, Zanzibar, Serengeti, Kigali

Rwanda Gorilla Encounter

Gorilla trekking for an authentic wildlife experience.

Tour duration: 5 days

Destinations visit: Rwanda, Kigali

Fly-in Rwanda Gorilla Trek

Experience witnessing Rwanda’s endangered mountain gorillas on a 4-day trip exploring the great lands of the region.

Tour duration: 4 days

Destinations visit: Kigali, Rwanda, Volcanoes National Park

Adventurer Uganda & Rwanda Gorilla Trek

This ten days journey of exploring Rwanda and Uganda’s mind blowing destinations with gorillas and golden monkeys awaits tourists. From trekking to amazing forest trails, we have everything in store for tourists!

Tour duration: 10 days

Destinations visit: Kigali, Rwanda, Bwindi National Park, Uganda, Volcanoes National Park