Almost the size of Wales, Kafue is regarded as the largest national park of Zambia, which is home to a vast variety of wildlife on the rolling plateau veined by beautiful rivers. Even though this park has historically received lesser attention when compared to South Luangwa and Lower Zambezi but for those who are patient and have planned for a long vacation, this park can be extremely rewarding.

The well maintained tarmac road network makes it very easy to travel through the park. Established in the year 1924, Kafue is approximately 22,400 square kilometer of mixed terrain and is known to be one of the largest parks around the globe.

For game trips, Kafue is the best destination you can choose. Across the far north side of the park in the bush, you will be able to view reedbucks, kudus, elands, bushbucks, defassa waterbucks, common duikers, and grysbok. Zebras and wildebeests are also some of the common animals found in Kafue National Park. Leopards too remain a very common animal found, however they are rarely seen.

The bird species found in Kafue is extremely rich. There have been about four hundred and ninety five species of birds recorded in Kafue, suggesting that this park probably has the lushest birdlife compared to any other Zambian park. This echoes Kafue’s wide range of all the other habitats.

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