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Kapama Game Reserve

Kapama Private Game Reserve

Kapama Private Game Reserve

At Kapama Game Reserve in the Limpopo near Greater Kruger National Park, several excellent five-star safari lodge experiences await you, and your hosts offer a wide range of activities designed to help you fill every moment – or help you relax in the wild, whichever you prefer. At African Safari Group, we love all the options Kapama provides in experiences and accommodations. Stay at the River Lodge, Buffalo Camp, elegant Kapama Karula or more basic Southern Camp. Animals are all around you, but the emphasis at Kapama is on the experience for humans like you. It’s a great place to visit for first-timers in Africa.
Our Take
Try an elephant-back safari for something truly unique. Balloon safaris, bush walks, game drives and more mean you’ll always have plenty to do at Kapama. Plus, there’s a great wellness center that offers you spa treatments in a pleasing environment. While the experience may be a bit less authentic than in larger reserves or ecosystems, we’ve found few other experiences that match the five-star luxury or come close to offering so many exciting activities.
What You’ll See
The Big Five game animals and more are present in abundance on this carefully restocked former cattle ranch that admirably brings nature back to previous agricultural and ranching land. Separate from the rest of the ecosystem and entirely fenced, you gain safety and consistency but lose a bit of the wildness.The reserve features savannah woodlands, grasslands and riverbank bush. Several animal watering holes and dams have been included to make sure there’s water for the animals all year long. You get a great overview of African wildlife and the continent’s varied landscape when you visit Kapama. View Accommodation
Kapama Private Game Reserve

Animals & Wildlife

Viewing opportunities are enhanced at the Kapama Game Reserve because this fully enclosed private facility has been carefully stocked with a diverse array of safari animals, including the Big Five. You’re likely to see lions and elephants when you stay on the reserve, including tame elephants who can serve as your ride for a unique safari adventure. Zebras, giraffes and kudu are also plentiful at this reserve.
What Makes It Unique
At ASG, we’ve found that there are more opportunities for elephant interaction at Kapama than just about anywhere else on the continent, including the elephant-back safaris that give you a unique perspective on the other reserve animals. See the elephants bathe before your eyes every day of your stay. If you love the intelligence and sheer size of elephants as much as we do, Kapama’s right for you.
Best Wildlife Viewing Months
For wildlife viewing at its best, we recommend visiting in the dry season, which runs from June to September. August and September provide the warmest and nicest weather for you. Sightings are best then too because animals actively congregate in celebration of the returning wet season. Why not make one of these months your time to visit?

Kapama GR's weather in general Winter and summer seasons in Kapama occur at opposite times to how they're experienced in Europe and North America. The hot and humid summer is known as the wet season, occurring from October through April. The dry and mild winter months, from May to September, are considered the dry season. It is necessary to pack warm clothing if visiting during the winter as early morning and evening game drives tend to be cold. During the wet summertime, thunderstorms occur during most afternoons, although it rarely rains throughout the whole day. Dry season - May to September - Winter The winter season experiences virtually no rainfall, so animals come out of the dry bush in search of water. They tend to congregate around permanent sources, such as waterholes and rivers, making them easier to spot.

May - Temperatures decrease to an average range of 11°C/52°F to 27°C/81°F in the afternoon as summer transitions into winter.

June, July & August - Average temperatures range from 9°C/48°F in the morning to 26°C/79°F in the afternoon. The skies are mostly clear and the weather sunny. Since the mornings are cold, keeping warm clothing on hand for early game drives in open vehicles is recommended.

September - Average temperatures range from a brisk 13°C/55°F in the morning to a nice 29°C/84°F at mid-day. The year's first rains start and bring the dry season to its end.

Wet seasons - October to April - Summer The heat and humidity of the summer can be relentless. Temperatures can regularly ascend to highs well over 40°C/104°F. Average daytime temperatures are about 31°C/88°F with damp, steamy conditions. Afternoon storms are normal, although day-long rains would be unusual.

October & November - Average temperatures range from between 17°C/63°F in the morning to 31°C/88°F in the afternoon. The heat gradually builds as afternoon rains become more frequent.

December, January & February - The highest temperatures and the most rain (creating high humidity) occurs during this time. Colossal downpours in the afternoons are common. The heat can become extreme at 40°C/104°F or higher, making conditions almost intolerable. Afternoon temperatures average around 31°C/88°F.

March & April - There is a decrease in rainfall and the weather cools. This trend continues throughout the month of April, which is quite lovely and temperate with little humidity. Nights remain cooler, yet fine at an average temperature of 16°C/61°F . Daytime temperatures are around 29°C/84°F.


You may be surprised to learn that Kapama Game Reserve and the areas around it have proven to be a birder’s paradise with more than 250 species of bird available for viewing, including migratory bird species that you can see from November to April.But birdwatching isn’t the primary focus there – most guests are relaxing and watching Big Five wildlife – so we recommend that you arrange for birding tours in advance of your stay to avoid disappointment. Night drives in Kapama will reveal species of bird you aren’t likely to see if you visit only the national parks.
Best Times And Places For Birding
Birders will find the best experience when visiting from November to April when European and Northern African birds are around. But birdwatching is always good. Viewing is easiest in the dry months from June to September – when you can most easily see the wildlife too. Venture out into Kruger National Park or arrange to visit Mkhuze Game Reserve for more birding opportunities in easy-to-navigate confined spaces. Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is dry and known for excellent raptor viewing. Yes, raptors. Don’t miss those.

South Africa is a modern, developed and multiethnic country with a legal system based mostly on English and Dutch law where the crime rate is relatively low crime. You may be surprised to find crime rates are lower in South Africa than in many American or European cities. Kapama is a controlled environment away from the city and is perfectly safe to visit. Most people you meet will actually be other tourists or people employed by Kapama or related tour operators. While viewing wildlife involves some risk, taking the advice of your guide ensures your safety in most cases.

Getting To Know Johannesburg
Most foreign visits to South Africa begin in Johannesburg, one of the 50 largest urban areas in the world. As with all major cities, crime is not unheard of in the city, and carjacking and other violent crimes happen occasionally. As you would when traveling anywhere unfamiliar, taking personal precautions makes sense. If you’re at all concerned about visiting this vibrant and dynamic city, keep in mind that the airport is located outside the city and visiting or staying in the city itself is not necessary on the way to Kapama.
Staying Healthy
Warm weather runs from October to April, and a small risk of malaria is always present since Kapama is in a malaria area. Simple and effective precautions include DEET-containing mosquito repellent and malaria preventative drugs are all most need to stay healthy. Your home doctor will also probably recommend a malaria vaccine prior to traveling, a sensible precaution. Kapama takes precautions to keep their guests healthy, and many guests find that the rest in this African paradise actually makes them feel better. Maybe you will too. Isn’t it time to ask for more information about your Kapama travel choices?

You’ll love visiting Kapama Game Reserve as much as we do – especially if you visit at the right time. Winter in this region is from May to September, and that's the best time to visit in our opinion. Our ASG team has noticed that vegetation thins out during the dry winter making animal viewing easier. As the winter progresses, viewing at watering holes gets even better as animals seek out the little water available. We think September is best because animals are active and temperatures are more pleasing for human visitors like you as well. Crowds are light at this time because many tourists haven’t discovered this secret season.April, May as well as September and October are the best times to visit to avoid the rains. But try not to visit in June, July or August. We find the chilly mornings and nights too much for us. Similarly, December, January and February are too warm and humid for most people.Getting seriously interested now? Let us connect you with Kapama Game Reserve. At African Safari Group, we’ll help you make the best decisions for the best possible African experience.

When you arrange your visit to Kapama Game Reserve through African Safari Group, you don’t have to worry about how to get there. We’ll take care of arranging the most affordable flight for you. Simply speak to one of our customer service consultants for details. And don’t worry about communication problems. English is an official language of South Africa. Looking for a few more details anyway? Most visitors to Kapama Game Reserve fly into Johannesburg and then fly to Eastgate Airport in Hoedspruit, located just moments from the reserve. The great hosts at Kapama will pick you up from there in an open safari vehicle, and your adventure begins from that moment. Charter flights are sometimes arranged as well. While it’s possible to drive from Johannesburg, the trip by car takes 4.5 hours or more and covers about 280 miles. This drive isn’t recommended for first-time visitors who are unfamiliar with the area. May we help you arrange your transportation to Kapama? At ASG, helping connect travelers like you with great spots like Kapama is what we do every day. Why not contact us now?

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Kapama Buffalo Camp
Kapama Game Reserve South Africa

0 reviews

The 10 spacious suites that comprise Buffalo Camp are set on stilted wooden decks built on an elevated riverbank. Wooden walkways connect the suites to each other and the main lodge area.

avg/nightR5000.00 SELECT

Kapama Karula
Kapama Game Reserve South Africa

0 reviews

This unreservedly luxurious lodge lies in a private reserve close to the Kruger National Park. Set on the banks of a river in classic Big 5 country and boasting stupendous views, there is little else you could ask for in a safari lodge.

avg/nightR10500.00 SELECT

Kapama River Lodge
Kapama Game Reserve South Africa

0 reviews

Kapama River Lodge offers 64 suites, including special spa suites, family suites and royal suites that provide you luxury in the stunningly beautiful Kapama Game Reserve. Get all the comforts of home, including air conditioning, and see wildlife you'll never see out your window at home.

avg/nightR3900.00 SELECT

Kapama Southern Camp
Kapama Game Reserve South Africa

0 reviews

Southern Camp is the proud new addition to the Kapama Private Game Reserve family, and is situated in the south of the Big Five game reserve. It offers luxury game lodge accommodation, warm hospitality and friendly service in a tranquil setting that will be savoured by even the most discerning nature lover.

avg/nightR4500.00 SELECT