Africa Beach Holiday

Africa Beach Holiday

This starts from the tropical haven of the Indian Ocean islands to the Atlantic Seaside in the cultured Cape Town.

Africa homes some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches and isles, each with their own unique and enthralling stories, sightseeing opportunities, natural landscapes, and cultures. The African lifestyle is usually slow, which allows travelers to completely relax for the days they are on vacation there. Here is our list of some of the most breathtaking beaches across Africa which you should definitely visit during your African Beach Vacation:

  1. Zanzibar Archipelago

Set off the Tanzanian shoreline in the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar Archipelago is a paradise on earth for tourists who wish to soak in the local culture whilst relaxing at one of the world’s most dazzling white sand coasts. Stone Town, which is regarded as the cultural heart of Zanzibar, makes you feel like you have been transported back in time because of its winding alleys, profligate houses, and the vibrant animated markets. This Swahili coastline trading city houses the most scenic beaches for those looking for a fun and sun filled vacation.

  1. Mauritius

For a slice of heaven, hop on a plane taking off to Mauritius. Apart from offering incredible sunbathing along with swimming opportunities on the white sand beaches and cerulean blue waters, this island also has to offer an opulent history and a cultural diversity. Tourists will also be thrilled to know that this spectacular island is home to the sincerest and some of the most welcoming people around the world who welcome everyone with open arms and teach them how to live a peaceful and slow paced life.

  1. Kokrobite

Situated only at a forty five minutes’ drive from Accra, which is Ghana’s capital, Kokrobite boasts a long exquisite stretch of gorgeous white sand beaches. Kokrobite is very famous amongst backpackers for the adventurous spots it has to offer. Although, it does not offer the facility of a luxurious hotel, Kokrobite offers an authentic beach experience to the vacationers. It is a perfect holiday destination for those looking for a party with music, barbecue and beer.

  1. Santo Antão

The beauty of Cape Verdean islands is unmatched and Santo Antão is without a doubt, one of the most beautiful beaches located here. With mind-blowing valleys, ravines and gulches, Santo Antão has to offer a surfeit of hiking opportunities to travel enthusiasts. This is the country’s second largest island and offers a tropical experience with gorgeous hilltops dotted with palm trees and a picture perfect coastline which looks straight out of a storybook.

  1. Limbe

Limbe is a beautiful multicultural seaside city which has to offer a lot to tourists apart from just scenic beauty. This gorgeous and fascinating place is a favorite of both the local and intercontinental travelers who mostly come to this quaint beach to relax before leaving to explore other destinations. Some of the finest beaches can be found in the north side of the city.