Whale watching

Whale watching

Africa has one of the best whale viewing sites in the world. Enjoy world-class whale viewing over the sea close to land in luxurious and exquisite settings as you sip on some wine.

Apart from being well-known for its scenic beauty; from magnificent mountains to lunar landscapes and sweeping bays and the Big Five, the African continent is also home to a diverse marine life.

Whales are undoubtedly some of the most magnificent creatures on this planet. From South Africa’s Cape Coast all the way to Morocco’s northern shores, Africa has risen to the position of the fifth fastest-growing whale-watching destination in the world and is home to some of the very best whale watching destinations that one can only dream to find!

When it comes to a promising whale watching experience, Africa takes pride in attracting whales all across the world. However, the annual migration of the Humpback, Brydes and the Southern right whales; between the months of June through November is an experience that one must not miss.

Experience some of the most beautiful things that nature has to offer as you hear an 80-tonne whale blow and as you see it breaching, lobtailing and spy hopping in deep blue water of the ocean. Get lost in the playful dance put on by the whales as they continue to blow and breach in and out of the water.

Africa, whilst boosting its one of a kind whale watching experience, has a city, Hermanus, which is famously known as the “whale capital of the world.” It is the whale capital in South Africa that lets you witness the annual migration of hundreds of whales. You can easily watch these magnificent mammals from the shore!

While Hermanus is one of the several whale watching destinations that Africa has to offer, it isn’t the only one. Get in touch with us to help you plan a whale watching trip that you will remember for all times to come.