Walking Safaris

Walking Safaris

Switch on your adventurous side and take guided walks through the wild side of Africa. Experience Africa with all your senses; from the tiny bugs to the big game encounters.

Safaris are enjoyable and African region has some of the best safaris in the world. Millions of people visit the African region to explore the expansive plains and experience the lifestyle of wild animals. The African region showcases a marvelous display of animal migrations and offers extensive game drives all year long. For beginners and the light hearted, the usual safaris are recommended where they travel in protected rovers around the fields.


However, for the truly adventurous types, exploring the natural habitats in protected and restricted vehicles will be a boring experience. The real adventure begins when you step into the wilderness, unprotected, among the world’s fiercest and more vicious animals and explore the vast territories on foot – that is Walking Safaris.

Walking safaris are meant for only the passionate ones, who have the desire and a latent ability to blend in with the natural order and for the ones who have an extreme lust for adventure. Walking safaris are not meant for the weak hearted or for the ones who lack the instincts needed for blending in with the natural order.


A walking safari is what you can call the most fearsome and exotic adventure that is, by all means, safe and secure, but one that will leave you with a lasting experience.


If you have what it takes to explore the wilderness unprotected and on foot, then contact our experienced agents to facilitate your travel plans.