Mobile safaris

Mobile safaris

Take it to the wilderness with expert guides, enjoy the thrill of sleeping under a tent in temporary locations all wrapped in timeless and priceless luxury.

If you’re up for a more traditional safari experience, mobile safaris offer you a chance to sleep under the sky, view the game and take on some of the greatest expeditions of your life.

Modern day mobile safari camps offer you luxurious tents with all the comfort that you would find at a lodge, along with the flexibility to be able to move around as you explore.

There is nothing more adventurous than sleeping in a tent with no barrier separating you from the true beauty of nature. A romantic lantern light and the sounds of nature surrounding you offers you an experience that you can never forget.

Mobile safaris are an excellent way to explore wildlife to its entirety; completed with luxurious beds, en-suite bathrooms and warm showers. If you are ready to put on your adventure boots and to have an exclusive wilderness experience without having to sacrifice on your comfort – our luxury mobile safaris are just the thing for you!

Get in touch with us to plan an adventurous mobile safari trip completed with comfortable tents, travel by traditional safari vehicles, motorboats and canoes and fun guided nature walks.