Balloon safari

Balloon safari

What could be better than to rise several feet above breath-taking views of the African terrain? Catch the sun rise on early mornings.

Experience safari like never before. A balloon safari offers you a once in a lifetime experience with a chance to witness Africa’s lush green landscapes, blue waters, and extraordinary wildlife. Take on the bird’s eye-view and take game viewing to the next level.

Wake-up at dawn and experience a rush of excitement within you as you see gigantic balloons being prepared for an adventurous trip that lies ahead. Fight away your fears and indulge in a journey that you will remember for years to come. Enjoy the rush of adrenaline through your veins as you fly in a hot air balloon through the mesmerizing forests and plains of Africa. Feel the warm air gusting past by you and witness some of nature’s most beautiful offerings as you float into the air.

A balloon safari experience in Africa is something that will feed your inner adventurer and will allow you to explore African wildlife in its entirety. Connect with your inner self as you float in the air and adore how beautiful nature truly is.  With the African skies painted in stunning hues of the sun and in shades of orange, pink and red, escape away from your daily worries and breathe in warm and comforting air.

To ensure that you make the most of your safari ballooning trip, it is important that you carefully choose a destination in Africa that offers a complete experience from game-viewing opportunities to being able to explore Africa’s most beautiful sites. Get in touch with our team of African safari experts to help you plan every detail of your trip and ensure that it becomes a memorable one!


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