Africa Photographic Safari

Africa Photographic Safari

Indulge in some of nature’s best photography sites, across the epic coastal beaches, vibrant coral beaches, cloud-streaked horizons and beautiful wilderness.

To enjoy a fuller and richer photographic safari, these are the following recommendations:

The Kruger National Park – South Africa

This incredibly conserved park is a natural habitat conserving  thousands of bird species, waiting to be captured on your camera. The beautiful plains and multiple lakes, gives an idyllic exposure as well as an artistic background for photography. So whether you are in Africa to be inspired by nature and wildlife or to capture the serene views, this experience will bring out the best of photography in you.


Serengeti National Park – Tanzania

Witness and capture the world’s largest mammalian migration from Serengeti National Park to Kenya’s Masai Mara region. Millions of wildebeests, zebras, and buffalos herd together and march off to a distant territory staging a superb display of coordination and hegemony. Watch the dramatic migration and be a part of the amazing wildlife experience.