Africa Golf Safari

Africa Golf Safari

The superb golf courses are awaiting your visit. Enjoy some innovative courses created by great players backed up by luxurious services.

Experience a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure under the blue skies of Africa. Golf safaris are remarkable and offer a unique experience, where sporting activities meet adventurous safaris. Golf courses in the African region are massive and the 18-hole experience is exemplary. The resorts have world-class amenities, operated by professional staff.


Choosing an African Golf safari will keep you thoroughly entertained where each activity is well planned for a fruitful vacation. Enjoy world famous African safaris and go on thrilling big 5 game drives under the supervision and care of experienced professionals. After a tiring day in the wilderness, relax in your comfortable lodging and go golfing the next day.


Africa golf safaris are flexible and the itinerary can easily accommodate multiple locations to give you more value for your money. You can visit multiple national parks in the African region and enjoy some of the best golf courses in the world in just a few days. Golf safaris are the best way to balance sports and adventure to an experience that will last a lifetime. The iconic views and the neatly mowed green pastures provide a mesmerizing experience unlike ever before.


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