Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve

Located south of Tanzania, the Selous Game Reserve covers extends through 50,000 square kilometers and is home to a diverse wildlife.

Although, Selous is one of the most remote game reserves in Africa and is famous for being a dry season park, however, it offers you a chance to experience Africa’s greatest wildlife reserve. With a large variety of habitats such as open grassland and riverine forest and several swamps that house a range of species including elephant, wild dogs, cheetah, giraffe, hippopotamus, crocodiles – all including Tanzania’s very remotely extinct species, black rhinos.

Whether you are looking for an unparalleled wildlife experience or you need a relaxing time at some most luxurious lodges and hotels located in Selous — this destination will offer you a thrilling safari adventure.

Known popularly for being Africa’s largest game reserve, Selous standard daytime game drives are just the beginning.. Harboring African’s largest lion and buffalo populations and other species of wildlife, the reserve offers breathtaking views of dozens of animals drinking from the lakes of this reserve.

Besides fantastic views and thrilling matches between predators and the prey, the Selous Game Reserve also hosts several fun-filled activities such as boat trips and fly-camping. While, the boat trips allow you to relax away as you float along the river and see beautiful birds, black and white colobus and blue samango monkeys. Fly-camping, on the other hand, offer thrilling fly-camping trips where tiny yet comfortable mobile camps are set up in remote areas of Selous, allowing you to truly connect with the true beauty of nature.

While, the smell of life fills the air as the flowers bloom and the wildlife thrives in some of the most magnificent habitats offered by Selous; we suggest that you get in touch with our safari experts to design a smooth trip and excitement filled trip to Selous.