The Kenyan region is a ferocious land that features wild beasts and vast plains of desert and various forms of wildlife. The region has one of the oldest national parks in Kenya and offers exciting game drives. The naturally preserved area is home to some exotic creatures, which ensures a thrilling experience once you visit Tsavo.


Tour operators in the area are well aware of the region and offer enjoyable game drives to the visitors. Tourists can visit the vast tracts of sandy plains and drive into the green pastures for an experience that is truly wonderful and enticing.


Tourists can also witness the famous Tsavo lions, where an adult lion often lacks the mane entirely. Tsavo lions can be found in large numbers. Although the lions have suffered from illegal poaching, which the community equally supported at that time, local authorities have reforms in place to protect the natural habitat of the region.


Visitors can also witness large herds of elephants that move in packs, guiding the younger ones with their trunks. The Tsavo region is an iconic region that assures enjoyable game drives where visitors can witness numerous wildlife creatures that dwell in the vicinity.


If you want to explore the wilderness of Tsavo, then one of our experienced agents can help you in planning your trip.